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2023-2024  Crozet Lions Club Officers

First Vice President:
Second Vice President:
Third Vice President:
Past President:

Paul Dowell
Brenda Johnson
Mike Lewis
Mike Capps
Maria Fox
Edna Lumley
Maria Fox

Our First In-Person Meetings of 2021

The Crozet Lions

Agnes Anderson
Ted Atkinson
Michael Capps
Wesley Carr
Terry Crone
Rose Dowell
Paul Dowell
Phil Eaton
Maria Fox

Luis Garcia
Francoise Garcia
Russell Gough
Brenda Johnson
Nancy Koyanik
Wayne Koyanik
Richard LaRue
Mike Lewis
Edna Lumley

Jon Mikalson
Karl Pomeroy
Jennifer Rolf
Connie Sandridge
Chris Walters
Barbara Westbrook
Becca White